Going Public Transport : Effective Way

Effective steps are required to improve the system so that people may get attracted to use of public transport rather than their personal vehicles.
Some of the steps that can be followed to make the situation better may be as follows:
1. The number of suburban buses and trains must be increased so that their frequency of running gets increased.

2. Maintenance of buses and trains (hygiene, wear and tear, capacity, etc) must be ensured so that people, especially the white collared workers, who generally avoid the public transport due to the inconvenience being caused by the huge rush and uncivil behaviour of the passengers, etc, may get motivated to use of public transport.

3. Strict law and order must be maintained to avoid anti-social elements and prevent any kind of criminal activities inside buses and trains.

4. Railway stations and bus stands (bus stops) need to be maintained and looked after properly.

5. Schools and colleges must arranged for strong transport so that the use of personal vehicles by staff and students can be restricted. Other organisations should also follow this.

6. Not only the Metro cities and the NCR but all state capitals and other important cities must also be supported with a strong public transport system.

7. In India, especially north India, people have a mindset that using public transport speaks low of one's social status. This mindset has to be changed. Improving the public transport system may help in achieving this.

8. Public transport should prove to be a cheap, convenient and efficient alternative to personal vehicles rather than a struggle to get into a bus or train and a fearful ride to your destination.

9. We personally must try to use public transport as an alternative to personal vehicles. It may prove to be an effective way to cut down the transportation expenses


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