Importance of Silence

There is profound strength in observing silence. Knowing this secret all those People who observe silence have a sparkling & cheerful life.

There was an advertisement in a newspaper regarding vacancy in the company.It was a prestigious post therefore lots of people applied for that post. All the Selected applicants arrived for the interview on the decided date & time.

While waiting to be called for interview, some of the applicants were drinking Tea/coffee, some were smoking, some were talking & others were trying to Impress the officers of the company. The hall was very noisy. In this noisy Environment there was a young man who was
sitting peacefully. He was not doing anything. He was just silent & at peace with himself.

All of a sudden an announcement was made from one of the staff member of The company: "We would like to appoint a person who has a quiet nature and keen observation. The person who can hear this instruction may come in and Take the appointment letter."

Nobody could hear that announcement in such a noisy atmosphere. But the Young man who was sitting silently got up immediately and went in.He was appointed for that position. He went out of the room with the appointment letter in his hand and spoke to other applicants "Why is such a chaos here? I'm already appointed for that position."

All others were annoyed after hearing his statement. They accused him of bribing the boss. That man replied peacefully: "Before going in I thought of you all.Then I saw that none of you could hear that instruction, which said `' whoever can hear this voice can come in and collect their appointment letter ''.I was able to hear that but none of you could do that."

Remember Always :-
God, is also instructing us continuously in the same way.He is holding the winners cup in his hand & waiting for us, but we are so busy in this Mysterious world that we are un-able to hear his indications / commands, and therefore We are not able to become the winner in ur lives……………........


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