Tap Solar Energy : Its cheap

Solar energy is one of those concepts that seems like a great idea, but can be a tad complicated to undertake. Solar panels can cost a pretty penny, and you have to make sure you install them properly so the energy from the sun will be properly directed. But for all of us who aren't so handy - or don't have a ton of money - a new study published in the journal Science could change the way we look at this alternative energy source.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers developed a process in which, when a specific dye is deposited on a plane of glass, it absorbs "visible spectrum" light and directs it to solar cells, which convert the light into electricity. The rest of the light passes through the glass and is collected in a normal solar panel, where it can be converted into electricity.You might think, great, but why not just use a regular solar panel and forget the dye?

Well, the scientists believe it makes the process 20% more efficient than a typical solar energy collection process, and want to work to make it 50% more efficient. Even better? It's inexpensive, and can be made and marketed within three years.Solar Energy is gaining momentum fast....

Source : http://www.greendaily.com/2008/07/11/if-you-have-windows-you-have-solar-energy/


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