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I Will Wait for God

A big flood hit a village. Everyone was evacuated and
fled for safety, except for one man who said, "God will
save me. I have faith." As the water level rose, a jeep
came to rescue him but he refused help and said, "God
will save me. I have faith." As the water level rose
further, he went up to the second story, and a boat
came to help him. Again he refused to go saying, "God
will save me. I have faith." The water kept rising and
finally he climbed to the roof. A helicopter came to
rescue him, but he said, "God will save me. I have
faith." Finally he drowned. When he came face to face
with his Maker he angrily commented, "I have complete
faith in you. Why did you ignore my prayers and let me
drown?" The Lord replied, "Who do you think sent the
jeep, the boat, and the helicopter?"


We must be accountable for what we do and not blame
others for our shortcoming. We have to take the
necessary action to help ourselves, rather than

Pray when it is calm

A Sea Captain in his retirement skippered a boat taking day-trippers to the Shetland Islands. On one trip, the boat was full of young people. They laughed at the old Captain when they saw him say a prayer before sailing out because the day was fine and the sea was calm.

However they were not long at sea when a storm suddenly blew up and the boat began to pitch violently. The terrified passengers came to the Captain and asked him to join them in prayer. But he replied, 'I say my prayers when it's calm. When it's rough I attend to my ship.'

Here is a lesson for us......

If we cannot and will not seek Allah in quiet moments of our lives, we are not likely to find Him when trouble strikes. We are more likely to panic. But if we have learnt to seek Him and trust Him in quiet moments, then most certainly we will find Him when the going gets rough
Sourced from one of the email from Nisreen Merchant

Imagining India

Nandan Nilekani, visionary CEO of outsourcing pioneer Infosys, explains four brands of ideas that will determine whether India can continue its recent breakneck progress

Seems this is actually from his book "Imagining India".

Excellent thoughts and worth pursuing further.