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India Global Green Leadership

India Global Green Leadership (IGGL) is a collaborative movement, which can be compared to the open-source movement in software. It is about pitching in your contribution whereby everyone benefits. It is a leadership model where everyone who wants to take a lead, has an opportunity. At the same time, it also has scope for entrepreneurship and participation through a socio-commercial model.

Local hubs will be key to IGGL where people in a city can come together and look at what they can achieve. The local events will be key in reaching out to professionals, organization and the youth in the city. Do join in your local hubs on the website and participate (and help organizing) events.

India Global Green Leadership (IGGL) is getting lot of momentum. Visit website for knowing further and joining leadership network

Twittering becomes news

Now a days print and internet media has been finding and publishing celebrity twitter messages as news.
What a news !!! haan !! Is there dearth of real news which common man is interested..

I'm particular not interested in what celebrity is eating, their some work and ofcourse what they are doing before going to bed. I don't want to read their routine. We loves and admire celebrity for their skill..not what they are tweeting.

Recently SRK joined tweeter,that became news... his first response to journalist barkha dutt become news second day ..his growing follower list added news another day... common gimme break...cut the crap.

On my twitter account , what most important is not to just collect tons of tweets, rather get selective one which you and your follower is interested.

Justice to Ruchika : Sign Online Petition

In the midst of the family's and friend's fight for justice, and watching on TV , Reading on newspaper - thinking what can be done more.
Well have come across online petition filed by Aradhna, Ruchika's friend, to Indian Government for the stringent punishment to the molester Rathore ( who is smiling on 6 months bail and currently on bail)

Sign online petition petition to show your support.

Laalten For Search

This is from the recent mail I got.
I found it interesting considering simple measure to save energy Comments ??

Everyone is aware that how crucial electricity is in present scenario.
When it comes to internet surfing, We love to google things, dont we? was created inspired by 2 ideas:-
- A black background web search so as to save electricity
- Integrate all searches at single place: Web, Email, News, Sports, Finance, Social Networking.. everything

So, one can search for anything in any desired website from a single page and at the same time save energy because the screen is predominantly black. A given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen**.

Simple but very very effective. Isnt that great :)
Join your hands in this enegry saving mission.

Always use this site for search and make sure to SET IT AS YOUR HOME PAGE.

Please spread the good word among your friends, n…

911 Ripple Effect

911 Ripple Effect champions a very powerful message; backed by expert examination of video evidence and packaged in an imaginative and captivating production that will keep you on the edge of your seats