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meterjam - protest against autos and taxis

Today, I  have come across excellent initiative by three folks who has initiated unique way of protesting against autos and taxi walas unreasonable demand of high rates ( half return , double etc), tampered meters and non plying on short distance.

Launch of consumer strike on 12th august, simply not to use taxi and autos for one day to show the difference.

I'm sure Union wala must be on their toes. If agitation is 100% successful then there will be big lesson for all of them.

Join in protest if interested

Don't wait for rewards, pat your own back

I have seen a lot of unsatisfied achievers in the corporate world. They want the recognition, they want the award, they want the incentive and they want all there is to want because they work hard for it. And sometimes despite all the hard work, their performance gets sidelined. A lot of people are discouraged and disheartened when they don’t get their due. One cannot imagine the heartbreak of the employee who put his soul in his project and it still fell short of the credit he so deserved.

Instead of quitting on your passion or living short of your own potential, set yourself up for success. Success is not an announcement from a third party; it is a feeling from within. But so many times we are focussing on the outside for acknowledgment that we miss acknowledging ourselves for our work, an acknowledgment that really counts. Next time when you take up a project and set your eyes on the winning line, set yourself up for your own personal ‘award’ and ‘recognition’.

Plan your personal …