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Muslim Stay away and take U Turn from Politics

Time for a U-Turn Politics from Muslims

Muslims have played an important role in Indian Politics, albeit only to their detriment.
The spectacular performance of BJP in UP elections should be an eye opener.
It is ironical that party is able to gather majority Hindu votes by showcasing the fear of 15% Muslim population.

Many Muslims are concerned about their future in this country and the impending dangers of a Hindu Rashtra.

My suggestion to them-
Take a chill pill.
Relax and retrospect.

What are the main issues propped up by the party?
1. Beef
2. Uniform Civil Code
3. Triple Talaq
4. Ram Mandir
5. Hajj subsidy

Now what is the stand of an average Muslim on the above issues?
They take the above issues as a threat to their identity. As issues which are deliberately propped up by the BJP to abuse them, chide them, harass them and instigate them.
What is the Muslim reaction?
It is on the lines of expectation of BJP.
Vehement Protest.
Things go exactly as per planned by the party.
The …