Muslim Stay away and take U Turn from Politics

Time for a U-Turn Politics from Muslims

Muslims have played an important role in Indian Politics, albeit only to their detriment.
The spectacular performance of BJP in UP elections should be an eye opener.
It is ironical that party is able to gather majority Hindu votes by showcasing the fear of 15% Muslim population.

Many Muslims are concerned about their future in this country and the impending dangers of a Hindu Rashtra.

My suggestion to them-
Take a chill pill.
Relax and retrospect.

What are the main issues propped up by the party?
1. Beef
2. Uniform Civil Code
3. Triple Talaq
4. Ram Mandir
5. Hajj subsidy

Now what is the stand of an average Muslim on the above issues?
They take the above issues as a threat to their identity. As issues which are deliberately propped up by the BJP to abuse them, chide them, harass them and instigate them.
What is the Muslim reaction?
It is on the lines of expectation of BJP.
Vehement Protest.
Things go exactly as per planned by the party.
The aforesaid issues are propped up during election times,
Muslims protest.
Their protest is showcased as not against BJP but against Hindus, thereby consolidating the Hindu votes to the BJP, ensuring its victory.
That’s how Muslims have been (ab)used in the communal politics of India.
So what should be done?
I am reminded of the scene from the movie Guru (made on the life of Dhirubhai Ambani).
When the media went against him, and started exposing his nefarious activities, what was his reaction?
He asked his secretary to increase the Ad spending on those newspapers that were critical of him. 
Muslims, you need to take a clue from that.
Make a complete U-turn on the above issues. It would take the gas out their communal politics and would be advantageous to you as well.
1. Ask for a complete ban on beef. It’s the corporate and the state that make a kill out of this bloody business. India is the largest beef exporter country in the world. Why are you playing into the hands of the party? Ask for a complete ban, and see how it sends shivers down the spine of the corporate as well as the state.

2. Uniform Civil Code. Ask for implementation of UCC. Believe me it’s not against Muslims (though it is always showcased as such). Vast majority of Hindus and Tribals would stand against UCC to protect their customs and cultural practices. Why are you standing in the firing line and making it appear as if Muslims don’t want UCC

3. Triple Talaq. Ask for abolishment of Triple Talaq. It is unislamic. Don’t play into the hands of AIMIM. Asaduddin Owaisy is a barrister and claims to be learned on Islamic jurisprudence. Doesn’t he know that?

4. Ram Mandir: Have a big heart and support the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. The issue has already engulfed many innocent lives. Anyways, the whole world is a Masjid for you. It is better to offer your namaaz in your neighbourhood Masjid than to fight for a piece of land where (probably) you might never in your lifetime visit to offer your prayer. You’d in fact be mending broken ties through this, and it would go as per Islamic principles as well- to mend ties with your adversaries.
5. Hajj Subsidy: Ask for abolishing Hajj subsidy. There is no subsidy at all. The subsidy given in your name goes to Air India, and it is you who takes all the blame. Don’t just ask for abolishing Hajj subsidy, ask for abolishing the Hajj committee as well. Ask for privatization of the Hajj. You anyway pay 2 to 2.5 lakh for the pilgrimage. You’d be getting better services for lesser amount. And without subsidy.
Don’t just make a U-Turn on the above mentioned politics. Make a U-Turn towards your stand towards BJP as well. Nothing irks your adversary more than a tight warm embrace :D
The more you speak against Modi, the more it is construed to be against Hindus.
When people have abdicated their intellect, their capability to think logically and are willing to be carried away by a pied piper to a distant heaven, why should you take the pains of waking them from them slumber?
Turn apolitical.
Refrain from commenting/posting against Modi.
The more you complain, the more it adds to his popularity.
Nothing is at peril.
No. Not even Democracy or Secularism.
Trust your secular Hindu brothers.
In fact, it is they who are fighting for you, trying to protect your democratic rights.
How many Muslims leaders can you count who have stood at times of adversity?
How many Muslims MP/MLA’s can you recollect who have resigned post any riot or lynching?
Turn apolitical.
Can’t you see that wherever Muslims are in majority, dozens of opportunist Muslim candidates stand up to fight elections, thereby effectively dividing the votes, ensuring a win for whom?
It’s time for Muslims to retrospect and make a U-turn.
Focus on economic empowerment,
Shun from politics,
Strive to build up your community, like the Sikhs have done,
Adjust yourself,
And try to live in diversity.
A complete overhauling is required.
Not just for your betterment, but for the betterment of this country as well.

[Source : Social web post on whatsapp]


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